1) Put up as much new content as possible 

The minute your website is created it can be found by google crawlers and be found in a google search. These crawlers look for the most recent content on the internet, so the fresher the content, the more likely it is to be found in search results and the more traffic to your business. Worried about getting your website set up?  MGEMS Web can take care of that for you, just click the link below and focus on your business.



2) Get on Instagram 

A lot of businesses shy away from this platform because of its reputation as a shrine to the tween’s selfie, but there is more to this platform the your middle schooler’s duck face. As a purely image feed you can post images of your products, and not only will you Instagram followers see it, but with one click you can also send your content to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr. Instagram is a quick, visual and effective way to saturate your market with your brand.

InstaScreenShot3) Interact with your Target Demographic

Look online and see who your customers are, if most of them are small business owners get on twitter and interact with small business owners. Make sure these interaction are one on one to add a personal touch and your clients remember your business specifically. E-Mail blasts are effective, but they can often can just get deleted before they were even read, which is why one on one interactions are so effective: you cannot delete personal contact.

4) Upload all your Ads to YouTube 

Again YouTube has is known to be home to millions of cat videos, but it is also the largest video sharing site in the world. As of 2012 the site was streaming 4 billion videos a day, and that number is only higher in 2015. With the right SEO tags your Ad get hundreds of free views and you get free publicity.

5) Try and Incorporate Current Events into your content 

Although it is not always professional, current events always top the “trending,” lists or google’s most search terms. Using these terms will increase your company website’s traffic because the volume of people looking for related content will be so large that some are bound to stumble upon your website.

TELL US! What are your favorite ways to optimize your company’s website?

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