screeensotwebsitepostblog1) It Increases you Visibility

Even if your a local restaurant in a small town, you never know when the random passerby is looking for somewhere to eat. While street signs will draw in the locals having a website allows you to draw in a much bigger audience.

2) Increases Credibility

Nothing grows a business faster than the word of mouth; people listen to what their peers have to say. Being online gives your company to be publicly reviewed free of charge to you, and if these reviews are good potential customers won’t think twice about going to your business. 

3) Opens a whole new market for your business

Even if your company is one that does not traditionally operate online, say a landscaping company, people love convince. If a customer could schedule a landscape appointment and look at your work from the comfort of her couch at 2am, they may just choose your business over the competitor because it’s convenient.


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