B2B Marketing Strategies that REALLY Work

Don’t Talk at Them, Talk WITH Them

Is there a secret to the B2B marketing sector? We wouldn’t call it a secret, but there is certainly a trend happening recently that is proven to work. The answer? Content Marketing.

With B2B marketers allocating about 28% of their marketing budgets for native advertising, it indicates the value brands give to content. With the speed of the digital revolution, it can be difficult to keep track of emerging marketing trends. And the content marketing landscape has been nothing short of a runaway train. Content marketing works, and here are some highlights we thought we would show you guys!


(Not to be confused with Personalization)

In other words, market to these businesses not as your target audience, but as the individual, unique businesses that they are.

One-size-fits-all marketing is a thing of the past. No longer can you send one single email to 500 leads, or run a single Google ad that will convert for all audiences.

Instead, reach out to them using content that they might actually be interested in. Be smart with your choice of keywords and what information you are providing.

The better you get at this, the better the introduction. In other words, the more likely that your content will convert. If you can then personalize your content, then hey, more power to you.

Long-Form Copy

Chances are that B2B buyers are experts in their own field. 

So while short blog posts and articles continue to attract subscribers, B2B buyers are looking for more depth and value than a simple 500 word post can provide.

If you look at the graph above, you’ll see that half the industries researched have, on average, over 500 words (with 3 going over the 1000 word mark).

So when preparing your social media content for platforms like LinkedIn and your company blog, think about expanding more on your ideas. Avoid fluff and instead supply your readers with depth and fruitful information.

If you need a platform to get your content properly managed, MGEMS Marketing uses software from our partner company, Social Market Pros that you can try out.

Video Marketing

There’s a reason why Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world.

Videos have found their way into how users process information daily and business owners are no exception.

A big reason for this is just how easy videos are. No longer do you have to attend a convention or take night courses to learn a new business practice. Its convenient, accessible, and just as fruitful for the viewer.

For B2B marketing, videos are great for delivering information in a way that you know viewers will be able to absorb. 

Whether they take the form of product demos, tutorials, or customer testimonials, it’s time to incorporate videos in your marketing strategy.

Analytics and Automation

Time, money, and content are all resources that need to be used efficiently.

The main focus of using analytical and automation tools is to maximize the results of your content creation, curation, and distribution.

So, its important to gather information on what you post and how your audience is reacting to it. Find a pattern that works and go on the offense!

More than creating the right content, it’s crucial that it reaches the right people. Automation is imperative to help your content distribution strategy reach the audiences you are targeting. Also, automation tools just make the process a lot simpler while saving you precious time.

Using both automation and analytics tools synergistically is key to any solid marketing strategy. So, find a software that is capable of doing both effectively.

In Conclusion

B2B marketing is a different kind of monster to tackle than B2C.

However, just because its different, does not mean it has to be difficult. The general theme here is to promote thoughtful content that business owners can really sink their teeth into. They are busy as it is running their own business and managing their workers.

Your job as a marketer is to provide frequent value and be worth their time.

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