Current student at Monmouth University, Charlene Pajak began interning here at MGEMS since May 2015.

Even with only a month under her belt Charlene has already grown as a graphic designer.

” I have been doing [graphics] since I was a sophomore in high school, which would be around 9 years, but working at MGEMS is teaching  me design for marketing purposes.” says Pajak

Pajak designs nearly all of MGEMS’s social media content and a good portion of its advertisements, and as a result learned to make a design more than just a piece of art, but a persuasive visual.

But despite nearly 10 years of Photoshop experience, Pajak still learned new tricks in the infamously complicated software. She learned how to slice an image it can be link to various webpages, how to use 3D mock ups to design more efficiently and design for the client instead of an artistic muse.

Pajak says “This is my first internship, and i enjoy it. it is a very laid back atmosphere and I am learning alot from the people that I work with, as well a with Mike, the CEO here at MGEMS. Mike is teaching me new ways to accomplish design problems, and working with me to make me faster and produce a quick turn around time.”

If you’re an aspiring graphic designer, check out the internship program here at MGEMS, there is something to learn here from everyone.


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