1) Keep them Simple 

People take your business cards off your desk, so there is no need for them to be flashy with tons of pictures. As long as the information is clear and easy to find your business card will be successful.

2) Buy in Bulk

You’ll be amazed how many business cards you can go through, and to prevents dropping of hundreds of dollars every time your run out, buy  about thousand at a time so you only to need to print once a year. Right now MGEMS is printing 1000 business cars for only $39.99!  Just click the link to our online store: http://www.mgemsgraphics.net/

3) They are Not a Means of Promotion

Do not try and use your cards to promote your latest offer, they are used to provide quick contact information for yourself or your business and nothing else.

4) Include all Ways of Communication

No one communicates through just phone or just email anymore, so include all forms on contact. Even if you usually communicate via phone, you may start to prefer email before your business cards run out. So to avoid having to print new ones if you change your preferred method of communication, just include all your contact information right off the bat.

5) Always Include a Logo

It doesn’t have to be big, but it helps add aesthetic value to your card and help customers remember your company. If you need help creating a logo MGEMS graphics and printing can take of that for you here: http://www.mgemsgraphics.net/.

Here are some examples of business cards designed and printed by MGEMS:



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