Google Adwords to Become Google Ads – What You Need to know

It’s like Google Adwords, but Better!

On June 27, Google made the announcement that Google Adwords will be rebranded and reformatted as the new Google Ads, effective July 24.

While an incredibly subtle change in name, the Google Ads update looks bright for marketers and business owners alike. One key thing to keep in mind is that this update WILL NOT affect any existing campaigns’ performance, navigation, or reporting. Instead, the Google Ads update will focus on connecting different 

So what does that mean exactly? Let’s take a look!

The New Normal – Smart Ads

Introduction Video By Google

Google announced that smart ads wold take over as the new default means of creating ads.

What are smart ads exactly? Good question.

Smart ads, or Smart campaigns, have the power to adhere to the individual goals unique to a business. Whether your business makes money from online purchases, phone calls, or in store visits, Smart ads will help you focus on your appropriate goals. 

Smart ads are currently in beta testing as release of this blog post. However, those that have been able to take advantage of it saw dramatic increase in performance. In particular, Toyota saw a vast decrease in CPA

Google mentions that Ads as a whole will feel much more user-friendly, rather than an arduous task. They tout that Smart ads and campaigns will be much faster to create and easier to craft marketing plans around.

Sound exciting? We think so!

Bringing Together All The Ad Tools Under One Name

Another announcement from Google includes the introduction to Google Ad Manager. 

Essentially, Google Ad Manager is a platform that brings together both DoubleClick tools that Google had previously acquired – DoubleClick Ad Exchange and DoubleClick for Publishers. Both AdX and DFP have done an amazing job of introducing ads to to the next generation of content.

DoubleClick users should not have their progress in the platform inhibited. Rather, they will see interface changes that reflect the new Google Ad manager as the update comes in. 

Other goals of Google Ad Manager include optimizing revenue, monetizing new platforms, and encouraging innovation of ads.

For full details, you can read up in Google’s introductory blog post.

Conclusion – This is Exciting

Yes the URL has to change from to

Yes there may be a slight learning curve in getting used to the new platform and the updates that come with it.

But really, this is something to be excited about!

If Google is able to follow through with their promises of an easy to use interface, better targeting, and more multi-channel marketing support, then the future of Google marketing is looking bright.

For experts of Google Adwords, this update should come as a chance to improve your craft even moreso. For those new to marketing on Google, this is a great opportunity to learn with a clean slate and an open mind.

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What are you most looking forward to with the Google Ads update? 

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