1) Design your Image with 18X24 Dimensions

This doesn’t need much explaining, those are the standard street sign dimensions so just do it.

2) Keep Information to a Minimum 

Only print what is absolutely necessary, if it is not essential to what you are advertising do not put it on your sign. When people are driving by they do not have time to read all the extra fluff that you put in pamphlets or pedestrian posters, so less is more in this case.

3) Large Font is Key

The bigger your font and imaging are the more likely they are to catch people’s attention, so even if you can’t afford a massive street sign you can still print in large font to attract attention. This is also why you want to keep information to a minimum, because the less information you have the bigger you can go on the font.

4) Use Bright Colors

While a white background with bright colors can work, white dirties easily and once it does it can be extremely hard to spot from the side of the road. So to optimize the success of your sign utilize full color. Bright colors are quicker to catch peoples’ eyes, so when people are speeding by they are more likely to see all the information on your sign.

Here are some examples of effective street signs designed and printed by MGEMS graphics and printing.
watermarkedlandscapelawnsign2ndMGEMS Lawn Sign082014quakerlearningcenterlawnsignwatermarked18x24lawnsign_mgems


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