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We live in this emerging time of digitalization. Almost all commodities that we need can be found through the internet. Especially today that we are experiencing a pandemic. The help of the web is the main reason why we can communicate, get news, or buy stuff. Most of us were saddened by the dropping of the economy of most countries. Some businesses even declared bankruptcy and their workers were left without jobs. Social media becomes even more essential for us to get connected with each other. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and plenty of other platforms are very accessible. The systems were upgraded and recreated based on the needs of the clients. May it is for the kids, single, family, and professionals, it was built in a much easier way to stay in touch with the people you care about. If businesses are not willing to embrace the power of digitalization, they will have a hard time coping with what is now considered to be the“new normal”. Everyone must keep up and adjust to the current situation that we have.

How are businesses coping with the pandemic?

We are lucky that some businesses today we’re able to innovate and introduced the possibility of continuing our normal lives despite the pandemic. We have been given the opportunity to engage in a new kind of lifestyle. We are also lucky for there are companies willing to take the step when it comes to giving us solutions to what we are experiencing today. Like the company free Marketing Solutions who can provide us with the touch of traditional marketing put into the digital system. Free Marketing Solutions has been in the market for 20 years of credible and quality work for its customers. We are here to provide you with solutions. We have a wide range of services. This includes marketing materials that are in print, services in the events and entertainment, financial, virtual assistance, and digital marketing services.

What can we get from Social Media?


Facebook has introduced its new face by launching the features of its video presence. Video presence on Facebook enables its clients the possibility to be connected by using video presence. Messenger now has messenger rooms accessible also to clients using Instagram and Whatsapp. This access is possible as long as everyone is provided with the link. You can also go live on Facebook and your audience can interact with you in real-time. Another would be the ability of the system to also invite and search for partners and do virtual dating. The introduction of Messenger Kids was also a click to most people worldwide. This is an enjoyable feature where parents can monitor their kids while using Messenger. Messenger has also introduced its 360 Background and MoodLighting.WhatsApp also increased their video call participation up to eight (8) people which doubled the fun of getting acquainted with more. Instagram also featured live videos on IGTV, Live content on the web. These transformations from different companies provided us hope and at the same time made our lives enjoyable despite the crisis. It is true that new opportunities will arise today. All we need is to keep ourselves updated on the new trends coming. Free Marketing Solutions would help you to receive the latest trends and updates in this time of digitalization.






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