In a time filled with laptops, tablets, kindles, and social media, you’d think that something like traditional print is practically obsolete, right? Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, now is the time to make sure that your growing business has all of its print marketing going strong – and here’s why:

Advertising That Will Last (Almost) Forever

The internet moves quickly.

Tweets quickly make their way down and off of your timeline, Facebook statuses eventually fade into irrelevance, and E-mails eventually get cleaned out of your inbox. It happens.

So, what is something that you can do for your business to ensure that your customers still remember you exist 2 weeks later? Wouldn’t it be great if they had a business card or a door hanger to remember you by? Well, this is where print marketing comes into play.

Print Materials Help People Remember You

One purpose behind print marketing is to make a long-term impact with potential clients. This is where all those business cards and coupons you printed comes in handy.

The best part is that this doesn’t apply to just your well-designed handouts. This also applies to large-scale prints like those banners and feather flags you had prepared for outdoor decoration. They are a great way to remind others that your firm is still thriving and ready to help passerby’s out with your services!

Our online print shop features traditional print products and larger, wide-format products as well.

Get People Informed

Printed materials are a great way to inform customers about your service and convince them to work with you. As previously stated, printed text will remain relevant longer than some article you shared on your Twitter last week.

Also, people seem to trust print more. There is a larger sense of credibility when reading a business card or informative postcard rather than some pop-up ad on Google. It’ll get peoples attention organically, and it’ll keep it.

One reason behind this is the fact that print material is just more engaging. People are less likely to skim a piece of paper with important information than digital screen text. Thus, it may be a good idea to create print alternatives when informing your clients about more urgent issues or updates.

The Original Call to Action

Imagine a world before there were call to action buttons or links for interested clients to click on your webpage. Here, people would fill out check boxes or hand in cards with coupon codes for a discount on their next purchase. Now you might be thinking “why do I need such an obsolete and inefficient marketing tool?” The answer: because it still works.

Fun Fact: 81% of mail recipients said that they either read or scanned printed material that they received, with 65% actively making a purchase because of what they read.

People are more likely to respond to a flyer or postcard because they genuinely enjoy receiving such products, which brings us to our next point.

Flyers and Brochures

Your Customers Will Feel the Love

There is an emotional factor when somebody receives an individualized card or coupon that they are able to physically hold. Typically, holding a custom-designed print graphic is capable of captivating the attention of its recipients. If it looks nice, then others will feel nice.

You can get creative with how you generate such an emotional reaction from your audience.

For one, unique textures such as embossment or leathery textures. Because clients are so used to staring at screens all day, they forget about other senses like touch or smell. Varying up your print mediums with different sizes or card stock is another great way to appeal to customers that is sure to lead to great promotional results.

There is power in tangibility, and it makes customers feel special.


Don’t knock it ’til you try it.

Traditional print marketing is still a valid marketing tool and is sure to generate a good percentage of your company’s clientele. In fact, while others have their attention turned to tech-heavy alternatives, this is a great time to strengthen your own print materials. Your business is sure to stand out in a not so saturated market.

However, just because you happen to print a few hundred business cards doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. They still need to be well thought out and well designed as to generate the response you’re looking for.

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