It’s summer 2014- the summer before her final year at Rutgers. Anielle Valencia had only taken a year of graphics at this point, but she knew what direction she was meant to head in upon graduation.

Anielle said “I was looking for a design internship but had no previous related work experience so the search was difficult.”  But eventually she found two open positions at MGEMS: graphic designer and Admin Assistant positions and she finally got her lucky strike.

July 1st- The first day Anielle stepped into the MGEMS office, she had landed the position of Administrative Assistant.

At the start Anielle was just taking care of emails, phone calls, and various other administrative tasks, but by the end of her time at MGEMS she had gained a leadership role as Office Manager.

Anielle describes this role as “one which I did not go into expecting, as I applied as an Administrative Assistant.”

Throughout her journey towards Office Manager she acquired the job of social media manger, which entailed Anielle managed all of MGEMS’s social media, email blasts and press releases.

Anielle even got to dabble in her dream job of graphic designer.

“I… liked working with the design software and helping where I could with designs for print jobs. For example, I worked on invitations, business cards, menus,  or typeset,” says Anielle.

But all good things come to an end, and eventually August rolled around: it was time for Anielle to return to finish her final year at Rutgers.

To anyone looking to intern at MGEMS Anielle says, “Come ready to learn and to not to be afraid when you feel overwhelmed. I really had no previous experience so to learn very quickly in the new environment was intimidating. But just be confident because you got to start somewhere. In the end, you’ll see how much you accomplished and can be proud of yourself.”

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