About Arshi

In the spring of 2017, Arshi Shah was looking to land her very first internship. Under the recommendation of her colleague Meera, she was able to join MGEMS.

Arshi Shah came to work for MGEMS as a Business Analytics and Information Technology (BAIT) major, but since it was her first internship, she was unsure of what she wanted to specialize in.

Being that MGEMS is a company that allows its interns to be flexible in what they want to learn, it was the perfect environment for Arshi to be in. She was given the opportunity to learn several areas of marketing, instead of focusing on just one.

Arshi primarily learned tools that were useful for social media and digital marketing. These included Google Analytics, Yoast, Hootsuite and WordPress. She considers all of these software very useful tools that can benefit any type of business. On top of that, Arshi said that the learning process was easy and helped her expand her knowledge of the online space.

By October of the same year, Arshi returned back to school as a full-time student to focus on her studies. Before she left, Arshi said she enjoyed that there was the opportunity to be creative every single day. She was able to change and personalize her day-to-day operations so that her productivity and quality of work improved.

Being that MGEMS was her first internship, it proved to meet all her initial expectations. Having a positive experience with the company, Arshi expressed her consideration rejoining the team in the future.

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