MGEMS Graphics  & Printing was one of the chosen partners when founders and owners, Donna McPherson and husband Chef Gene, decided to open their Caribbean restaurant, Breezes Cafe and Grill back in 2011. Having a strong background in business (a CPA and Business Advisor with over 25 years experience), Ms McPherson knew that a critical piece of their business plan was effective marketing and choosing the right partner to help execute their vision was as equally important. Today, just 4 years later, having established Breezes Cafe & Grill as one of the best restaurants in Metuchen New Jersey, these entrepreneurs can now add successful restauranteurs to their bucket list!

The restaurant has acquired stellar Yelp reviews saying: “Everyone who works there is welcoming and accommodating,” by Cathy Y. ; “The homemade ginger beer is outstanding … I wanted to take a jug of it home with me.  Jerk chicken?  Holy cow!!,” by Debbie M. and “The oxtail is a can’t miss if you come here and their coconut bread is super warm and soft”, by Cathy Y. T. With countless rave reviews like these, on Yelp and TripAdvisor placing Breezes Cafe & Grill at the #1 spot in Metuchen, on these two popular websites, it is clear that this couple has successfully established their business.

According to Ms. McPherson, we are from the Caribbean and our goal was to provide what we believe is much needed in this area (Central NJ), which is authentically delicious Caribbean food, a really nice dining environment  together with exceptional service. However, we knew that this in itself does not make for a successful restaurant, we needed to invest in consistent marketing.

Ms. McPherson went on to say that she believes that an integral part of a strong marketing strategy is the owner themselves. “You have to know what you want,” explains McPherson “if anyone is going to help you, or give you the best, you need to approach them with a plan in mind or  at the very least know what you need.”

MGEMS adds that another integral part of growing a business is branding: a consistent logo, service, atmosphere and customer interactions all help your business stand out in the public eye. We (MGEMS) designed the Breezes’s logo and took care of many of heir EDDM mailers and print marketing.

Finding EDDM the most effective print marketing method Ms. McPherson said, “I found that [EDDM] was the most helpful… because [MGEMS] knows the process really well and it took a lot of my mind.”

Marketing is the key to growing any business, and Ms. McPherson recognizes that saying “People think that if they start a business and they have the best product they [people] will come, but if you build it they will not come unless they know about it.” And the success of Breezes Cafe is proof that this philosophy works.

Ms. McPherson finds marketing so valuable in business growth that, in retrospect, one piece of advice she’d give to herself at the start of their business would be to market more. At MGEMS, we believe that marketing is a fool-proof way to bring in clients and worth every penny investment.

Be sure to check out Breezes in Metuchen, NJ!

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