About Meera

Meera began working for MGEMS in March 2017.Although only a sophomore at Rutgers University, Meera Patel unexpectedly found herself leading a team of three people in the summer of 2017.

Something she immediately noticed was that MGEMS is different from a typical workplace. She said that, “As an intern, you get to learn something important and useful every day through first-hand experiences.” The things she learned can easily be applicable to any company she would consider in the future.

Furthermore, she learned numerous software tools such as FileZilla, GoDaddy, Camtasia, Google Analytics, and Facebook Business Manager, and more.

During her internship, two of the favorite tools she learned were WordPress and ClickFunnels. With WordPress, she learned about a variety of plugins. These range from simple, app-like plugins to more creative ones that affected theme and design. On the other hand, ClickFunnels taught her to understand affiliate marketing.

Aside from web design, Meera also enjoyed graphic design, content development, search engine optimization, and e-commerce. She enjoyed the flexibility of scheduling and learning that MGEMS provides. Meera emphasized the importance of learning on the job and being versatile in several trades so that she can offer more than one skill to the workplace.

By the time Summer came around, she was already comfortable with the kind of work expected of her. Some time later, Meera recommended two additional staff members to join the team, whom she would soon lead. Starting off as a single intern, Meera became a leader on her own – spearheading projects such as 1040TaxBizPrint.

Meera left MGEMS in September of the same year to continue her college career. By the time she left, Meera expressed that everything about the company met her expectations. In fact, she did not even think she would learn as many tools as she did. Now, she feels nothing but gratitude. Before, she could only witness from the sidelines how businesses are run. During her internship however, she gained a full retrospective of what it takes to run and market a business at the forefront.

Interested in joining the MGEMS team too? Visit our career page and fill out an application form! We are always accepting applicants for designers and administrative assistants – from internships to full-time positions!

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