About Shreya

Shreya Shenoy joined the MGEMS team under Meera’s recommendation in July 2017. Coming into the company, she filled the role of executive assistant. Shreya proved to have excellent organizational and learning skills which helped her succeed in helping in different aspects of the company.

Using her strengths, she was able to learn several useful tools such as Kudani, Google Analytics and GoDaddy. Shreya especially enjoyed Hootsuite, WordPress and a multitude of SEO tools.

She was able to dabble in both social media marketing and digital marketing throughout her internship. However, Shreya grew to become adept in running an ecommerce business. She decided to become more immersed in how to run an online store. As a result, she was primarily involved in one of MGEMS projects: Spoil Your Pet – where they sell pet products.

Her time at MGEMS was short – she had to return back to school by September. Although Shreya only worked here for about two months, she had a great time being a part of a small business work environment.

What was especially pleasant for Shreya was the flexible scheduling and accommodating seniors of the company. She mentioned that she would gladly work here again and recommend her colleagues to join MGEMS.

Interested in joining the team that Shreya enjoyed so much? We are always accepting applicants for different positions for part-time and full-time options. Just head over to our career section of our website, and fill out our application form!

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