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With 25 years of marketing, design, printing, mailing and tax experience MGEMS is your one stop solution for all your small business needs. Our teams of experts consist of educated cutting edge graphic designers, programmers, marketing, and management level personnel who pride themselves on a job completed with style, originality, and class. Our focus is on bringing our clients vision to life. Our goal is to assist your campaign with quality service, quick turnaround time, and outstanding marketing products that will capture your target markets eye. We make it our job to cross the t’s and dot the i’s from inception to completion of your business’ campaign. We can assist you with pinpointing your target market, design and print your marketing pieces, and even bring your business to the web.
What can you expect to find on this blog?
– Exclusive offers and specials just for our blog readers
– Contests!!
– Updates on our latest features and growing services
– Discussions and critiquing of the ever changing design trends
– Tips and advice to maximize your business
– Answers to questions our clients and/or readers may have
– Client Interviews
– Employee Interviews
Our ultimate goal with this blog is to provide our readers with the opportunity to take a peak inside the growing businesses MGEMs has to offer and to communicate with us. Not only is this our blog, but it’s yours too. If you have something interesting you believe is worthy of discussion, don’t be shy! Leave us a comment below or shoot us an e-mail at graphics@mmgems.net. We’d love to hear any suggestions, feedback and thoughts about our blog as it progresses.
In a few weeks, we will be introducing “Mondays with Mike”. If you don’t already know, President of MGems, Mike Alfred is known for his ridiculously good advice giving skills. Whether it be business related suggestions or life advice, the man was born with a gift. Let’s face it, Mondays are ROUGH, the only good thing about Monday is the fact that it’s one day closer to the weekend, am I right? Even if you have an awesome job, Mondays can be a hard pill to swallow because it means goodbye relaxation mode, hello work mode.
So, our plan is to provide our readers with some good vibes to kick –off your long, dreaded workweek.
E-mail mike at mike@mmgems.net with a topic you’d like to be featured on Mondays with Mike. Believe me, you won’t regret it and it can be totally anonymous!
Thanks for reading and don’t be a stranger!
Graphic Designer
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