With graphic design experience for non-profits under his belt already, Wes Rowbotham began looking for an internship during the academic year to gain real-world work experience. In the dead of winter Rowbotham began his hunt for a company that could provide with a valuable intern experience, and in February 2014 he found MGEMS Graphics and Printing.

At the start of the internship “I had only taken classes and completed a work study program at my college- The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey,” said Rowbotham

But despite a relatively bare resume (compared to his current version), Rowbotham was designated both graphic design and web design responsibilities upon employment. “Initially was doing both graphic and web design with a focus on web content, but by the time I was done, I was doing almost web design and coding exclusively, while also helping with some graphic design and EDDM work.”

But this MGEMS intern gained not only graphic design skills- but people skills. Rowbotham said “This was my first real experience dealing with clients on a personal level, and that experience was key in moving on in any aspect of the graphic design field”

Rowbotham also formed a valuable relationship with CEO Mike Alfred, claiming they mutually benefited each other and grew both the business and themselves.

Once the 2014-2015 school year rolled around Rowbotham left MGEMS to focus on his final year of college, and upon graduation Rowbotham obtained a full-time position as a Product Developer and Graphic designer at gift company, Andrews + Blaine LTD.

Now reflecting on his times here at MGEMS Graphics and Printing, Rowbotham feel MGEMS played an integral part in his post graduation success saying, “MGEMS helped me establish a standard for professional work and effected my confidence in both my work and myself.”

Where is Wes Rowbotham now?  “Traveling and absorbing the worlds many cultures,” he says. Just like the boss told him to.



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